Collection: 物語 MONOGATARI

The MONOGATARI collection is inspired by the Japanese minimalistic culture and values. In the fashion and style context, this collection is inspired by a cosmopolitan citizen who seeks functionality and practicality without giving up sophistication. Try imagining yourself in Tokyo and feel the sensation you get while trying to navigate your way through the Shibuya Crossing. Metaphorically, just like our busy and noisy life, this is a phenomenon that demands to be explored and discovered. In the midst of our navigation in this (noisy) life, a minimalistic wardrobe is the most practical way to go. Cliche, but “less is more” indeed.

Aligned with Kissahh as a brand, the MONOGATARI collection is centred around timelessness and simplicity. The pieces are designed with clean, complementary lines that are sculpted with a bit of an architectural flare. The collection sticks to a monochromatic and neutral colour palettes to maintain as something low-key, and we believe that being low-key isn’t a bad thing at all. The philosophy behind wearing something subtle and low-key is that it actually allows you to express your individuality, and a good basic item will make the individuality of the wearer stand out. Parallel to Kissahh’s values, the minimalistic features of the MONOGATARI collection are meant to make you, the wearer, the main star of your style and your story.