Kissahh is an eco-friendly fashion brand, based in Kuala Lumpur that brings modern, minimal and mindful clothing to meet your daily demands as a woman, while making you feel stylish and empowered. We provide you timeless wardrobe essentials that minimise efforts and maximise style, comfort and functionality.
Our brand name Kissahh is inspired by a malay word ‘kisah’ that means ‘story’ or ‘tale’, and playfully spelt as a combination of two words - ‘kiss’ and ‘ahh’, that carry the values and identity of the brand:
“Kiss” – is an expression and act of love, affection, appreciation and warmth; while “Ahh” – is an expression of joy, relief, comfort and success. These two words represent what the brand intends to bring, and with Kissahh, you will write the most incredible chapters of your story.
Kissahh is for the modern women, mothers and wives who are all striving to balance her roles in herself, her family and her career. Kissahh is for women like you, who are fun and playful, but focused and serious at the same time. We understand your roles, responsibilities and needs, and we provide lasting versatile clothing to suit your lifestyle be it at home, office, brunch dates, parties or vacation without compromising comfort and quality. Our style is minimal and fuss-free, suitable for women on the go, women at home, women having her me-time, moms with little ones in tow, or the career women who are scheduled for back-to-back meetings.
Our vision is to bring you personal, social and environmental awareness that will add value to yourself, while contributing to the well being of the environment and community. Here at Kissahh, we take steps in whichever way possible to join the sustainability movement. We believe that even small contributions can make a big impact. We strive to make mindful decisions in material selections and production processes to create a better environment for people and the planet.
Let us be part of your story.
“In the end, we all become stories” - Margaret Atwood